Unified Visibility Fabric is an innovative and complete visibility solution to bridge communication networks. For truly pervasive visibility, this must include physical, virtual and emerging SDN/NFV environments. Traffic Intelligence technology provides stateful and packet-level optimization and normalization functions that run as software applications on high-performance compute engines in the fabric nodes. Applications span a variety of functions and include:

• Packet Slicing/Masking: Slice/mask confidential information in a packet before sending it to a monitoring tool
• Header Stripping: Remove extraneous headers to deliver normalized IP packets to monitoring tools
• Adaptive Packet Filtering: Filter across advanced encapsulation headers including VXLAN, VN-Tag, GTP, MPLS, etc., and inner (encapsulated) Layer 3/Layer 4 packet contents; useful for delivering tenant-specific traffic to monitoring tools
• Application Session Filtering: Builds upon Adaptive Packet Filtering by extracting entire application sessions of interest; allows filtering based on signatures or patterns that can appear across any part of the payload
• De-duplication: Remove duplicate instances of the same packet to avoid unnecessary traffic processing by tools
• GTP (GPRS Tunneling Protocol) Correlation: Correlate traffic between user and data planes in 3G and 4G/LTE mobile networks
• SSL Decryption: Decrypt SSL encrypted traffic to offload tools from the decryption function
• NetFlow and Metadata Generation: Generate un-sampled NetFlow/IPFIX/metadata records along with additional context aware extensions like URLs, HTTP Response Codes from traffic fed to the Visibility Fabric; this provides a high-fidelity view of the traffic in the production networkü

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